“The beauty of the Universe extends far beyond what one sees in a photograph of the heavens. I try to capture the emotions associated with the vast incomprehensibility of the cosmos, the expanse of eternity, and the perfect union of chaos and order.”

Artist Statement

I am drawn to images of the vast universe, the heavens and the meaning of what lies in the spiritual realm beyond the physical world we can see.

My paintings may appear abstract at first; however, they are expressions of cosmic formations. Each canvas represents and symbolizes movements and colors of heavenly bodies and their celestial patterns in opposition—a state of both chaos and order!


Parsons School of Design | New York, N.Y.
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising | Los Angeles, CA
Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, B.F.A | Seoul, Korea
Laguna College of Art and Design | Laguna Beach, CA
Seoul Arts High School | Seoul, Korea


International Art Fair (12 times)
Exhibitions | Solo (26 times)
Exhibitions | Group (60 times)



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